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Here you’ll find all of our news stories dating back to when we first started entering them to this website.

  • The Parks Cannot Wait for Spring!

    Boy – has the weather changed, from “wear as many clothes as you can” to “do I really need this jumper” in the course of the last two weeks. The plants and trees must be in such a muddle. Still long may it continue to bring us the joys of spring.

  • A conservation project to protect and increase biodiversity across 5,000 acres of London parkland has received a £750k boost, thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery. The new award enables The Royal Parks’ Mission: Invertebrate project to continue for a fifth year, protecting and promoting wildlife in London’s green spaces at a crucial time for climate and biodiversity.

  • Welcome to My Parks - By our new editor — Alison Mould Trustee

    It had been a long, long week. The day job, now a computer in the spare room was busy and demanding. I was “zoomed” out. The news was just depressing — more people infected, tragically more deaths, disputes over whose vaccine it was and who got what, when and where — having had a glass of red too many on Friday night I needed a reboot. Lockdown 63, week 4,786 and counting was getting us all down!

  • A Snowy Extra

    A Natural Winter Wonderland for Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park

    For the first time in many years, sadly no ‘Winter Wonderland’ in Hyde Park. However, we were blessed with a ‘Natural Winter Wonderland’ on the morning of Sunday 24th January with families having such fun in the snow. The brief snowfall turned our parks into an open air gallery of some amazing snowmen and women, clearly lots of creativity around.

  • 2021 Begins in The Royal Parks

    “Ring out, wild bells,….. Ring out the old, ring in the new,….”

    from ‘In Memorium’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson

    And so we creep into 2021 and still there’s uncertainty and anxiety. I hope that, having survived the oddest Christmas and New Year, offers of the Vaccine will be rolling towards you any day soon.

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