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Friends Events and AGM Cancelled, Newsletter Delayed

It will be no surprise that the planned Friends events and AGM have been cancelled.


Sadly, we must start with these.

Our AGM in April and all our planned Spring and Summer programme of events are cancelled. This will not be a surprise but it is still a great disappointment.

Our Spring newsletter will be delayed. It was almost ready for the press when events over took us and the printers closed down. In addition, your trustees, who are responsible for delivering it to you are scattered to the winds!
We are very sorry about this but hope it will be circulated in the summer, in happier times, suitably updated of course.

Good News

Happily, and with great relief, the behaviour in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens has largely complied with the latest guidelines and so it remains open for the time being.

As the Parks are looking spectacular and the sunshine enticing, if you can walk there do, and enjoy them!

CLOSED however are:
Car parks
Cafes and Kiosks
Play grounds and
Tennis Courts

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