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Activities in the Park

Activities in the Park

It seems appropriate to start this blog with ‘Physical Energy’, the imposing statue in Kensington Gardens.

Both dogs and lady are well dressed for this grim weather and look up in awe. My own wanderings have similarly left me in awe of the physical activities Park visitors engage in, dog walking, of course, being one of the most popular.

Adrian & Julian meander under the glorious mimosa tree near The Old Police House and couldn’t resist stopping under its incredible yellow foliage.
Make your way there as quickly as possible to catch the dreamy perfume.

Prince Albert was overseeing Craig developing some wonderful poses which I was informed is ‘WUSHU’. This is the Chinese term for martial arts and has been practised for over 4,000 years. It is not designed to be a form of self defence, but is perfect for performances and displays as well as for exercise and flexibility.

I moved on swiftly and stumbled across a more sociable activity.

Travis is from Trinidad and Alba from Barcelona. When captured on film they were practising two types of dances: the first was capoeira, a brazilian dance that combines martial arts in a non contact way, it also has elements of yoga, tai chi and gymnastics in it and the second was Cuban salsa. Cuban salsa orginated in Cuba as the name suggests and is an earlier version of the salsa that is taught today. It emphasizes circular and playful movements with intricate hand and hip movements, as opposed to linear movements.
Look out for them when you’re next visiting.

On a different day, in the Buckhill Shelter I spied the skippers, Izaskun and Nelly. I understand it is one of the best exercises for increasing heart rate, improving concentration, coordination and flexibility. Sounds like a worthwhile economic investment…I am off to buy some ropes!

Group sports are now so difficult, this poor chap has only one friend to attempt to hone his footballing skills with.

There are also those who enjoy a more relaxing pursuit though please note, a Fishing Licence is required.

From June Mangan

These tree branches provide an adventurous climbing frame for active children. Nothing is wasted in The Parks.

In contrast, I noticed some tree trunks were providing a respite for runners, unlike this chap here pounding the path….

Sadly the original and striking ‘Magazine’ restaurant, designed by Zaha Hadid lies empty.

Naturally, cycling has become one of the most popular pursuits during the lockdown. New bike sales have increased by 60%, older models recommissioned and the ubiquitous ‘Boris bikes’ (Santander) are everywhere to be seen.

Perhaps we should conclude with the happiest activity of them all…..the flowering daffodils of course!
Snapped by Alison Mould
Photos and blog by Lynden Easton
Membership Secretary

Alison Mould

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