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Easter Gallery

Easter Gallery

Beautiful Spring flowers in The Parks

The photograph of this magnificent Magnolia Stellata above, was taken by Tina Higginson while volunteerSuperb striped crocus ing in the South Flower Walk. When able to raise her head from toiling in the border she observed the continuous stream of walkers stopping to photograph such an arresting sight.

Tina took some wonderful close ups of primroses, miniature irises and memorably perfumed mahonia.

pure white  hellebore

Everywhere there is perfume. The viburnum blossom exuding a strong scent.

Heady Hyacinths from Sarah Scott

Magnificent Magnolia in the Dell Sarah Scott

It is also the time for nesting birds

June Mangan took some fascinating photographs of swans.

Click on the link to see one building her nest: Nest Building

….and continued to video ‘Swan Lake’
Click on the link to view the synchronous courting:“Dancing Swans”:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uX_Q-cCU4Q

Easter is a time for eggs and chickens

June, to her amazement, just discovered the allotments and had no idea that a chicken house was there!

The Parks  call it  "Hall of Fame"
Not everyone loves the parakeets. but, what a colour swooping here!

It seems a particularly sociable Spring this year...

...but for now 'Good Evening to the Parks' Robyn Easton

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Lynden Easton
Membership Secretary

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